Florence & The Machine

So, major girlcrush time. Florence from Florence and the Machine is my hero. Officaily. She has an amazing voice, she dresses amazingly, and that hair. Just wow. I’m so exited to see her at Latitude Festival this summer, i have a feeling she may just blow my mind. I’m hoping that she brings on Dizzee Rascal for You’ve got the love, as i just lovelovelove you’ve got the dirtee love.

Also, I love Topshop, but is it impossible to get in some size 9’s really? I went today and attempted to try on several pairs of amazing boots and some flats on but i couldnt fit my massive feet in! I made myself feel better by buying some gorgeous navy tops. You can never have enough navy.

Oh, one last thing, dont try to use the self service tills in Boots when you are paying for something thats £5 with 5 pence coins, the people behind you in the queue wont like it…

Love Philli


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2 Responses to Florence & The Machine

  1. Anna says:

    Oh cool. I’m going to Latitude too this year. Have to say, I think I’m most excited about Vampire Weekend, and also Mark Watson. He’s one of my geek crushes.

  2. Jess says:

    hahahahaha philli i actually love you! was full on legendary in boots 😛 woo latitude! xxx

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