A little Serena inspiration..

Gossip Girl. Officially my biggest addiction.

There are so many reasons why I love it, the drama, the fact it’s in New York, Chuck Bass… But mostly its the fashion. Serena is definatly one of the fashion highlights, I mean don’t get me wrong, I think that Blair’s classic Chanel-esque style is wonderful, but Serena’s effortlessly stylish look is just jaw-dropping. Who else could pull of a canary yellow floral dress, complete with ruff? Everything she wears just looks fabulous.

The top photo, is one of my favorite things that she has worn, I’m a big fan of everything asymmetrical, add a long sleeve, and you have one of my most lusted after pieces in Gossip Girl. The shoulder detail is to die for as well.

Who is your favorite T.V. style icon?

Love Philli


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One Response to A little Serena inspiration..

  1. bel says:

    i wish i had her style :'(. btw congrats on your first blog 😀 i like it. LOTS. consider me your first self acliamed fan 🙂

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