Summer kind of wonderful…

Summer. For me it beings in three weeks, I will have finished my exams, and right about now I will be at my house getting ready for prom with my best friends. It’ll be amazing, whilst it wont be the fancy affair most T.V. programmes have lead to me believe that US high schools have, I’m going to enjoy dancing in the school hall where we have spend the last 5 years, making fun of the D.J. who probably doesn’t know what good music is and drinking orange juice from a plastic cup. But then comes the goodnessknowshowmany weeks of freedom, before starting all a fresh at a new school in September to do the IB.

If anyone read my post about Florence and the Machine a little while back, I mentioned that I was going to Latitude festival. That’s right I’m packing my wellies and my waterproof and heading all the way to Suffolk from Yorkshire, via about 4 or 5 trains.

This picture is just… wow. It just looks so amazing, being part of that atmosphere, singing along at the top of my voice having an awesome time with my friends. The main reason we are going to Latitude rather than the local Leeds Fest, is 1, we would rather our tents weren’t burnt down and 2. we love folk/alternative music such as Mumord and Sons, Joshua Radin, Darwin Deeze to name a few, and it has the best comedy/arts/theatre/dance/cabaret of any U.K. festival.

So time for a little summer inspiration?

Whats your favorite thing about summer?

Love Philli


P.S. If you can guess what T.V. show I borrowed this title from, bonus points and extra love for you 🙂

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4 Responses to Summer kind of wonderful…

  1. ana says:

    its from gossip girl, haha love your blog i love the photography in this post, especially the picture of the yaught

  2. kristy says:

    i recognized the title being the name of a gossip girl episode too!! =P

    love. love. love. summer time. i can’t wait to go to the beach. have fun at the latitude festival, sounds amaaaazing.

  3. Love this post! …and thanks for following RedPoppy xo

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