I have a decision to make, and its a scary one (for me at least). Basically, I have thought my whole life that I was going to do History at uni, that was it for me. The subject I wanted knew I was going to do. But recently I have been seriously considering fashion design with marketing or something fashion related… now in an ideal world, I would do both, but that sort of shebang just doesn’t happen. I love making/designing/thinking about fashion and I find myself increasingly falling in love with the fashion world.

So i have to make a decision. Fashion or History.

I just cant choose!! You may be thinking, ‘she is only 16 why is she worrying about it?’ But my post 16 options will have an effect on my options when it comes to choosing unis…



Love Philli


P.S. Angst over, coming up next- post a D.I.Y. =]

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4 Responses to Crossroads

  1. Asteria says:

    perhaps it might help to write a list of pros and cons of both major?in terms of future career path, and whether you’ll be able to venture off into other industries *just in case* with that particular degree.

    just a thought, hopefully it can be of a little help 🙂

    ps:listen to your heart, realllyyy listen to it 🙂

  2. kristy says:

    picture your life 5, 10, 20 years down the line. think about what you’d like to spend the majority of your time doing. your career will take up as much time as your home life and if you want to be happy, then that career needs to bring you fulfillment and make you happy and excite you. now be honest with yourself… which excites you more? fashion, or history? which do you see yourself having a career in and having fun? are you still considering history because you’d always told yourself that’s what you were going to do and are afraid that you are changing your mind? trust me, it’s ok to change your mind. and if you find that fashion is becoming an interest you can’t ignore, then learn it. you can still learn about history. and fashion has a rich and wonderful history you can learn about as well, and learning fashion’s history will only make you better in the business.
    so take some time, think about it, write about it. just make sure you’re honest with yourself and i’m sure you’ll figure out the path best for you.

  3. Regardless of your major, it’s nice to see you have many interests in passions. Becoming a knowledgeable about ANY subject is key to success. History, quite frankly, a rather studious major, doesn’t provide a job at the end. Kinda useless in the real world, and while fashion seems a bit iffy as a major, you’re interest in MARKETING just may produce a lovely little paycheck at the end of it all. I wish you much luck, much happiness, and much success.

  4. Hey miss!

    I am 27 – have graduated in Law, am working in IT, and have just completed a fashion marketing degree with the London College of fashion! You should follow your dreams because there is nothing worse than regrets 🙂 I
    dont regret my wonky background because it is making me versatile and also I have done all I wanted to do . Morale of the story – whichever you pick, nothing is lost because at a later stage in life you can always self study the other subject if you miss not having done it. But as Kristy said, imagine yourself in the working world and look at the job opportunities : what job interest you that are related to history? teaching? What about fashion? Marketing campaigns ?
    You also have to be realistic and look at what jobs you want to do (40h+ in a week of your time!)

    Lady NdC

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